5 ways to take care of your eye health to welcome the summer

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5 ways to take care of your eye health to welcome the summer.

Starting April like this Many people probably have plans to travel during the long holiday, right? Which, of course, An activity that everyone must not miss is Relaxing on the beach, swimming and playing outdoor sports. Therefore, anyone who likes to enjoy sun-drenched activities like this Undeniably, one must face UV rays, not excepting one’s health and eyes. Which may be unexpectedly affected. So we have some good tips.

Let’s take care of your eye health this summer. It’s interesting.

Don’t forget your sunglasses. 

You should choose sunglasses that are lightweight. Comfortable to wear Even during the day As for the type of lens used It is recommended ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.app to choose polarized lenses. This provides the property of reducing glare on water or outdoor surfaces. It also helps protect the eyes from the dangers of UV rays.

Artificial tears add moisture. 

If you are a person who enjoys sports or outdoor activities. Aside from that, you need to be prepared to deal with the effects of the sun. Another factor that can harm the eyes is the influence of dust, wind, or air pollution. Because it will cause eye irritation. or problems with dry eyes easily It is best to carry artificial tears with you at all times. To help soothe and moisturize the eyes, making them feel comfortable even while playing sports or activities in the sun.

Compress your eyes with your palms. 

The more you have to face strong sunlight at the seaside or have to drive long distances for a long time. It can make your eyes feel tired. Simple ways to help reduce eye fatigue. It is recommended to warm both palms enough to generate heat. Then close your eyes Then compress the eyes with both palms. The warmth from your palms will help your eye muscles feel more relaxed. 

Choose to eat fruits and vegetables to nourish your eyes. 

Don’t forget that it’s important to take care of your eye health from the inside. It is recommended that you choose to eat fruits and vegetables that are high in beta-carotene, such as green leafy vegetables, carrots, pumpkin, and papaya, as they will provide antioxidant properties. Helps reduce blurred vision at night. and prevent macular degeneration in the future

Eye health care assistant 

Nowadays, dietary supplements containing various extracts have been invented. that effectively restores eye health Dietary supplement I-D (I-DEE) is considered another good helper. in taking care of eye health Because it has gathered the value of various extracts such as bilberry extract, blackcurrant, lutein and vitamin C, which provide antioxidant properties that help strengthen the function of the retina. Ready to restore and nourish the eyes to look healthy.