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7 ways to treat back acne Recommended by a dermatologist

Taking care of back acne is not difficult. Just pay attention and keep observing yourself. That there is a behavior that triggers acne on the back, less acne should be treated quickly because it is much easier than letting the acne spread a lot. or infectious inflammation Because that can negatively

4 ways to take care after eyebrow tattoo to make the color last long

eyebrow tattoo now It is another option for beauty enhancement that girls are very popular nowadays. and after we have tattooed eyebrows Will the paint stick well or not? In addition to depending on the tattoo technique of each shop, color, hand weight of the technician.  How to take care

10 ways to quit smoking by yourself. Easy like this.

On World No Tobacco Day on May 31 of every year, we believe that everyone already knows what the dangers of smoking are. In addition to the broken lungs, it also damages other organs in the body such as blood vessels, eyes, and even causes cancer. Therefore, anyone who wants

7 food menus that are not very salty, but “sodium” is high

These foods are very salty and high in sodium. But we may overlook Sodium or salty taste from food It’s another villain that hurts your body more than you think. not just kidney disease but also affects other dangerous diseases which is found in most Thai people, such as high blood