de Zerbi dismisses rumors of focus on developing talent.

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Brighton head coach Roberto de Zerbi emphasizes that he is still 100% focused on his team despite being linked with a transfer to another team. That’s because I want to polish my work to be better. Especially my experience in European club football championships.

De Zerbi has been linked with Chelsea, Liverpool and Barcelona. Who are all looking for a new manager or a change to their head coaching position this summer. UFABET

And the ‘Seagulls’ lost 0-4 to Roma in the first leg of the Europa League Round of 16. Sparking a trend of Italian coaches giving up because they were disappointed with the potential of their squad. Which had to be rebuilt year after year. 

However, the 44-year-old coach denies belittling him as someone who gives up on obstacles. On the contrary, it only drives the desire to work hard to lead the team to continental success. 

“Personally, I still have a lot of potential left to develop. Because working under difficult circumstances will make you stronger.” the Italian coach said at a press conference before the second leg at The Amex (March 14).

“About the rumors, I don’t know. Just know that you still have a contract here. We work smoothly with everyone, whether players, club presidents, and team employees.” 

“The competitions we competed in did not make me change my mind. It will be something else.”  

De Zerbi, who remains on contract until the end of the 2025-26 season , is expected to be the heir apparent to Manchester City ‘s Josep Guardiola .