Dubravka may have to cheer for Manchester United to beat their own team.

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Newcastle goalkeeper Martin Dubravka may have to cheer for Manchester United to beat their own team in the Carabao Cup final if they want a medal.

The 34-year-old pickpocket went to play with the “Red Devils” on loan at the beginning of the season. But was recalled by the agency in January. He made two appearances for United coming in the Carabao Cup win over Aston Villa in the third round and Burnley in the fourth.

While the current situation, both teams are through to this final. UFABET Which will compete on February 26th.

The winner gets a total of 30 coins – 19 of them will be used in the final game. Which is 11 medals for the starting players. 7 substitutes and 1 for the team manager. And the rest the club will manage who to give.

Manchester United used 25 players in the Carabao Cup and Dubravka, who was also involved is likely to be handed a medal. Only 13 out of 25 players played more than him.

While Newcastle also use 25 players. Dubravka has never involved in the team. It was expected that Eddie Howe would hand over the remaining medals to his staff. Although it can be give to Dubravka.

For the rules for getting champion medals The tournament organizers will provide a total of 30 commemorative medals for the winning club and 30 for the runner-up teams. which can make a request for additional but with the consent of the Board of Directors. which the club is responsible for such expenses