Immobile denies rumors insists he always played for Sarri.

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Ciro Immobile, Lazio’s veteran striker explains in order to protect himself and his teammates. After being linked to being the cause of Maurizio Sarri’s resignation as trainer football.

Sarri decided to submit his resignation from Lazio on Tuesday. It came a day after a 1-2 home loss to Udinese, with the story leaked before the official announcement. And some Italian media reported that. It was because some players no longer supported the coach.UFABET 

Immobile, one of the speculated names. Therefore, we must use the Instagram space to clarify this issue.

“Hello everyone, there has been a lot of talk and writing. But it is my right to confirm certain things. I have always done it for Coach Sarri. As I have done it for other coaches. during my career”

“Yesterday, me and all my teammates We are trying to change his mind about resigning.”

“In the evening we discussed with the club. But the coach’s decision appears to be irreversible for personal reasons. As confirmed by the club president and sports director.”

“I never lack determination. And any teammate never stops loving or giving up support. And I certainly won’t do that at this time.”

“There has been slander against me and other team members. I feel disappointed that I was dragged into this. But I will not accept being victimized in these ways.”