Juventus set to sell Pogba due to injury.

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Juventus are considering selling Paul Pogba at the end of the season as the player continues to struggle with injuries.

The 29-year-old midfielder was out of contract with Manchester United at the end of last season. After that the Frenchman decided to agree a return to the Bianconeri. With both parties signing a contract until mid-2026.

However, Pogba’s injury problems since pre-season forced him to undergo treatment and miss France’s World Cup squad.

Although recently there is a tendency to return to help the team in the Coppa Italia duel Lazio game. UFABET But the perfumed midfielder has been injured again.

Causing Gazzetta dello Sport to report that. Juventus are now considering selling Pogba from the team because they are not satisfied with the situation. Especially the injuries of players that have dragged on until now.

Pogba has yet to play for Juventus despite much expectation since he signed last year. And with the latest injury, it is unclear how long the player has to be absent from the field of play.

However, Pogba suffered a knee injury in pre-season. Until causing him to stay for a long time Although it was likely that he would recover from the injury until he returned to help the team. But until then, Pogba has not completely recovered so he hasn’t played a single game for the team this season.

The Daily Mail states that the whole situation has led Juventus to consider parting ways with Pogba, although the deal will run until the summer of 2026.