Nunez is confident that he will explode in form with Liverpool.

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Liverpool striker Darwin Nunez is confident that next year will definitely show great form for the club. The Uruguay international has consistently been criticized for his performances at the club despite scoring 10 goals. But always missing crucial opportunities. Which referred to admitting that it faces difficulties in adapting. But next year will definitely show great form.

“It’s about adaptation,” Nunez told Sky Sports. And it’s not just here and the club. The football side must be good. but with your family as well. Because if your family is comfortable. You will be good too. My family and I are fine.”

“Obviously I still have a lot of things to do, like finishing goals. UFABET  But I think the same thing happened to me as it happened to Suarez, by the second year he had dived. Something similar happened to me at Benfica. The first year was really bad for me and by the second year I exploded.

“Here, I think the same thing will happen. I hope next season will be like that. I’ll do my best and hopefully I’ll have some luck.”

It’s an exciting signing for Liverpool fans. To get a striker in the future that many teams are interested in. Darwin Nunez has successfully joined the team. bought from the Benfica team in Portugal Even if it costs 100 million euros.