Rodgers says he doesn’t get attached to any player.

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Leicester City boss Brendan Rodgers says he is not afraid to let any player leave the team even being the best player of the football club.

The Foxes have targeted by other clubs James Maddison and Harvey Barnes. And Rodgers says they are ready to let their key players leave and rebuild.

“That’s what Lester has always done, you’re never afraid of that. It’s all about the players. Bring in new players The pattern remains.” said Rodgers.

“Early in my career there was one player that I was very sadden to lose. Because I thought it would have a huge impact on the way the team play. I never thought we could play as we want without his attributes. But in the end we got someone who was really great.”UFABET

“From that point on I wasn’t too attached to the players. I like talent But the players come and go. And if they go You just make sure you get new players. Footballers are short careers and they want the best.

“I’m in charge of the club. I have to take care of the team and make sure I can lead the club forward. That’s what we’re going to do here.”